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Becoming a Member

Is it Compulsory?


  • Employed
  • Between 15 and 70 years of age
  • Paid for work; contract of/for service

How do I Join?

It is the responsibility of your first Employer to register you with NRBF by submitting the compulsory Member’s Registration Form.

You are required to fill out the Nomination Form to ensure your funds are allocated to your loved ones in the event of death.

How are my Contributions determined?

Your share of contribution is calculated and deducted at the time of payment of wages, which may be fortnightly or monthly.

You shall be required to contribute 5% of your gross earnings per month. Every Employer on the other hand, will pay the NRBF contribution of 7.5%.

Do I earn interest on the contributions that are paid to TNPF?

Yes, all contributions paid to NRBF will be invested wisely to earn an interest. 

Every year, the NRBF Board will meet to assess the level of profits earned by the Fund and will declare an interest rate that will be credited to all members accounts as dividend rate for the year.

Membership Card

At your first registration you are liable to get an Identification Card (ID) free of charge. This card can be used to access your account information.

Keep your card in a safe place as it is a primary source of identification when requiring NRBF services and when you change employment.

Requesting for a new ID Card will cost you TOP$10.

Member’s Accounts in the Fund

There are five (5) accounts set up in the Fund for a member:

  1. Member Contribution Account – for member’s contributions
  2. Member Voluntary Contribution Account – for member’s and voluntary contributor’s voluntary contribution
  3. Employer Contribution Account – for employer contributions.
  4. Employer Voluntary Account – for employer’s voluntary contribution
  5. Member Transfer Contribution Account – for member’s contributions transferred from another Fund.

Can I borrow money from my accounts?

No, because the purpose of the Fund is to provide member with retirement benefit when the member has ceased service and reached his retirement age, or on death, total disablement, redundancy, migration, medical grounds or financial hardship.