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Become an Employer

Who is an Employer?

If you or your business are involved in hiring an employee and

  • A written or verbal contract or agreement of employment was made between you and the employee.
  • You have a place of business here in Tuvalu.

What are the Requirements?

You first need to register your business with the Government, then you can later register with the Fund to become an Employer.

How do I register with NRBF?

To register you must:

  1. Download and complete our Employer Registration Form
  2. Submit the form with all the required documents at any NRBF office nearest to you.
  3. Once you have been registered, a unique employer registration number will be given to you.

What is the current Contribution Rate?

The current rate of contribution is 12.5% of the total wages (inclusive of cents) earned, with the employer and employee each contribution 5% and 7.5% respectively.

When to pay contributions?

All contributions in a month should be paid to the Fund no later than the 28th of the following month.​ Where a contribution is not paid by the proper time, a surcharge equal to 5% of the amount due to be paid but not paid will be charged for every month or part of a month during which the contribution remains unpaid.

Who can be exempted from the Fund ?

The Board may issue a certificate of exemption as complying scheme if the employer’s complying retirement benefit scheme given that it satisfies the conditions outlined in section 33 of the National Retirement Benefits Scheme Act 2010. The Minister may, on recommendation of the Board exempt any other person or category of person from the provisions of this Act.