Corporate Philosophy

The Fund operates under the provisions of the National Retirement Benefits Scheme Act 2010; National Retirement Benefits Scheme (Administration) Regulations 2012; National Retirement Benefits Scheme (Amendment) Act 2014; and the National Retirement Benefits Scheme (Appointment of Directors) Regulations 2015.


Provide a secure and sustainable retirement system for members.


Provide customers with quality services and reasonable returns for members’ retirement.


While discharging our responsibilities as stewards for our members’ funds, we:

S1    T2     E3    W4    A5    R6     D7

1. Safety:                      Provide a safe and secure work environment for all staff.

2. Teamwork:               Support and care for each other.

3. Excellence:               Maintain integrity and deliver the best.

4. Winners:                   Keep positive attitudes at all times.

5. Accountability:          Take responsibilities for our own actions.

6. Respect:                    Show consideration through humility and understanding. 

7. Diversity:                  Encourage a culture of equity and fairness.